Traveling With Purpose

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David Magazine

By: Brian Sodoma


Adam Bautz, founder of Outdoor Travel Tours in Las Vegas, guides visiting hikers and locals through the Valley of Fire for day-long excursions. Originally from the East Coast, Bautz has been a local travel guide for eight years and Valley of Fire, the state’s largest state party located about an hour northeast of the city is his niche. Bautz offers ‘off-trail hiking’ experiences where travelers can experience intriguing slot canyons, Aztec petroglyphs, and other natural history not seen from trails. Adam also sees his share of international visitor curious about the desert.

“I’d say about 98 percent of my tours are booked from outside of the state or country,” Adam adds. “I’ve met people from Israel, Germany, Sweden, Pakistan, you name it.. These people tend to be looking for memories, not material things.”

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