Meet Your Guide, Adam

Adam Bautz, owner and guide of Outdoor Travel Tours, strives to bring the  outdoor lifestyle to the forefront in Las Vegas. With years of experience guiding a wide array of adventure tours, Adam is thrilled to be leading a company of his own. Adam’s deep love for nature and guiding others comes from the healing that nature has brought to his own life. After serving four years as an infantry machine gunner in the United States Marine Corps, Adam came home to face many obstacles.

The transition from military life to civilian life was challenging and Adam eventually found nature and the great outdoors as a place for healing and reflection. It was through nature, being active, and his adventurous spirit where Adam found his true passion: guiding others to experience the power of nature. Adam takes great pride in each and every tour with a focus on making safety and customer service his main priority.

Adam, owner of Outdoor Travel Tours, was asked to be the subject of a documentary about travel and courage by a local videographer, Tyler Stefanelli with ReelthefilmCheck out the video below!